#1000Speak: Blossoming Penpals’ Connections

“I count myself in nothing so happy as in a soul remembering my good friends.” – William Shakespeare

Myriads of people just hurried past us in our lives and vanished to the crowd like an instantly flash.  To be frank, making acquaintance with someone from huge sea of faces in all over the globe is just like searching a needle in a haystack, let alone cement long-distance friendship for years.  It is formidably difficult, if not impossible, to find someone in the other part of the globe sharing common grounds with you.  However, never does this seemingly “once in a blue moon” probability put a damper on my desire for processing regular cultural exchanges with penpals of different nationalities.  Just like the four-decade connections between my mom and her American penpal in New York, they have been writing letters since their adolescence and keeping in touch through social networking site even up to now.  Nothing is impossible.

For me, the impressive tales of my friendship with penpals from Turkey, Finland, Germany and France, and also the others, embarked after our email address exchange.  Just click a “sent” button, our email will be sent to the others in the twinkling of our eyes regardless of time limits.   Often does our time go by with the descriptive content of our school lives, leisurely pastimes, personal opinions and world views.  Those well-written paragraphs are, from the bottom of their heart, as if gentle flows sparkling with genuine kindness and heartfelt delight again and again, even from miles away.  For our interactions to be more frequent and appearance to be seen, fun-filled cultural exchanges by web camera, under the assistance of powerpoints during our specific topic discussion for hours, are more than fruitful.  Much to my surprise, without realizing the slipping time, I even wrote for a thousand words in front of the screen and gradually unveiled my sheer emotions and opened windows of my inner feelings.  In my study room there still hangs dazzling views of their postcards, smiling photos, introductory books, lovely calendars and self-recorded CDs.  Had it not been for our regular discussions about both of our countries/regions’ history, festivals and even current affairs in a nutshell, I wouldn’t have gained much eye-opening insights while at the same time, steadily walking into each other’s lives.  How can I ever forget them for spicing up our days in these years?

Gratitude, like friendship, lives and rejoices in my heart; Friendship, like a tree, lies not in how tall it could be, but how deep the roots have grown.  Holding together tight, my life has been colourfully enriched by their presence and tireless affection and our gorgeous moments.  Nothing and no one can pull a brick wall in front of us for sure.  Out of sight physically would not be synonymous to they are completely out of my mind.  We will soon rise to all geographical obstacles, and join hands strolling in the flowery paths or watching the bright full moon.  The thousand miles of distance apart will never separate my love for them.  I am certain that, by continual resolution, sincerity and endeavour, our long-distance friendship will endure the test of time and blossom for months and for years. ♦

finland gift
My birthday gift from Finland in 2015
Some gifts until the end of 2014

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4 thoughts on “#1000Speak: Blossoming Penpals’ Connections

  1. Yes Shelah, I agree with that. With mutual trust and understanding, good friends are the one whom we can exchange ideas at ease and share glee and sorrow of our lives. I am so blessed to know and stay in touch with them.


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