Life as a Postgraduate student in the UK

Another challenging chapter of life commences.  Time flies like an instant since I left Hong Kong and have survived in the United Kingdom for a month.  After months of sincere hoping and impatient waiting, I could finally sign with relief when a final acceptance email popped in my inbox this July, informing me that my dream of studying overseas finally come true after years of relentless endeavour.  And after sleepless, tediously long hours on the plane, here I am, already arrived on the other side of the globe.

Though feeling honoured to be in one of the brightest UK universities, I still felt an inexpressible mixture of exhilaration just like in years ago when I was first admitted to my undergraduate degree in Hong Kong, but that is nothing compared to the magnitude of my emotions right now.  Different from the learning in Hong Kong where we mostly jot notes down and listen to the professors, seminars here are more interactive with group discussions about academic theories and the contemporary global issues.  Alongside studying, it is still amazing, to put all journals behind for a while, and complete a cross-country run in those tranquil paths near the campus, or just to pass through the bridge in the lakeside, with warm company of geese!

But on the other hand, It also equates my time living under the umbrella of familiarity and comfort is already over, and am taking good care of myself in a foreign country, buying and cooking dishes for myself in which I haven’t done them before in Hong Kong.   Sometimes, feelings of nostalgia towards my home city just spring up in my mind, especially its cosmopolitan glamour, a labyrinth of diversifying shopping stores, delicious dim sums and my beloved connections there.  I am still wondering what my life is going to be for this academic year, even though the mid-term is coming.  Will I get used to the chilly winter this Christmas?  What am I going to write and research about in my 10,000-word dissertation?  Will I ever meet circles of new acquaintances from all over the world and share the joy of companionship?

To spice up this year, I simply can’t wait to explore any diversifying experience, from travelling to the nearby cities, feeling the joyous vibe in traditional festivals to immersing myself in this intriguing yet peaceful learning environment!  After all, life is too short to swim in our circles of boundaries.  It is about time to create and write my own unique story in this life-changing chapter, and grab hold of each golden chance and pay heed to what I am enthusiastic about.  Seize the day and make this precious year extraordinary! ♦

uni 1
Lots of geese here near my residential block!
tranquil Lakeside
uni 3
Another view of the Lakeside
A tranquil path
uni 2
Red leaves blossom
soup uk
Tomato soup with potatoes and apples, cooked by myself.  Looks good, doesn’t it? 🙂
british food
Fish and chips ordered in a restaurant
full english breakfast
Full English breakfast, delicious!


9 thoughts on “Life as a Postgraduate student in the UK

  1. Gorgeous photos. It seems like you’re really taking to England. It’s a beautiful country. I was stationed there for two years and enjoyed it tremendously. If you ever get into Cambridge, be sure and check out the Eagle pub.

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    1. Thank you, Mike. Yes, I already get used to and do enjoy the environment here in England, which is much more serene and relaxing when comparing to Hong Kong. Cambridge is also on my bucket list and I will surely pay a visit to the Eagle pub and taste fish and chips again!

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    1. Thank you so much, Lady Oscar! It is indeed a valuable and fantastic experience to study abroad. UK is getting more joyous as Christmas is coming soon. It would be magical to be in a wide variety of Christmas markets and to glimpse over traditional decorations. I look forward to feeling such festive vibe in person, while at the same time, maybe attending some concerts there! 🙂

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