Bittersweet Study Life as an Astronaut

Time flies like an instant.  Today, the last day of April, comes to the finale of these two years of learning.  While first stepping into the building and attending lectures as a freshman, I hadn’t thought of myself gaining eye-opening knowledge after all lessons completion, let alone discovering my own visions of further academic path.  Although being a so-called “Astronaut” is by no means easy when shouldering bulky pressure, it was and is still my notion to be against all odds: To turn a new leaf and let bygones be bygones.  Never lose hope and stand up with a breakthrough.

Bedeviled by endless group projects and term papers, it was inevitable for me to burn midnight oil and take great pains in a fierce race against the inexorably slipping time.  Thousands of cells exhausted when I was racking my entire brain to expound essay questions in various in-depth perspectives; while my eyes have already half-closed after being in front of my laptop for consecutive weeks.  Drowned into the choppy sea of research puzzles and questions, I will never forget my endeavour in finishing an English paper in 3000 words within 24 hours once grouped with free-riders.   Once we even burnt our midnight oil to change our PowerPoint topic and content during the last night before the presentation morning.   Without any script preparation, we were eventually standing in front of the class, pretending to be cool, calm and collected.  During the exams, hundreds of schoolmates whose circumstances are similar to me, aiming to pass exams with flying colours, were all sitting in the hall, and pondering on how to apply suitable theories in the given case studies.  What you could patently hear in the sea of young faces were probably those hectic sounds of writing pens and sounds of papers being flipped over.  My bumping heart kept racing especially when I still hadn’t finished the conclusion when the time was nearly up.  Tracing back to all those fast-paced flashbacks, it is still a huge reassure to imagine how driven I was by pushing my potential to the fullest in such limited time even in the last minute, and how finger-crossed I was when realizing the lack of time for a thorough revision and canvassing reading materials.  The hard slog of thousands-word assignment seems impossible at first with requirements of logical flow, reasoning and analytical skills.  Nevertheless, once you get inspired by the viewpoints from scholar articles, it is not that formidable at all.  What you need are sustaining patience, diligence and enough time for proofreading.  Therefore, don’t underestimate our inner talent, have faith in ourselves and cherish every learning opportunity.

Apart from the above blood, toil and sweat, study life was also filled with heartwarming cheers, encouragement and support.  Never was I in a complete solitary.  Those were the days when we doubled up with laughter when sharing hilarious jokes and burst into tears of relief after weeks of hard work.  Those were the days when we were surrounding each other, having fruitful discussions of current affairs and international news.  Those were the days when we opened our heart to share personal thoughts, listened with sympathetic ears and embraced each other tight with best wishes during the farewell dinner.  However dreary I was before and during the exams, I could still vividly remember our perseverance with one of my friends in the library till evening dusk, together exchanging notes and getting prepared for the potential exam questions.  Last but certainly not least, my sincere gratitude goes to myriads of lecturers who have been tirelessly answering our queries, as well as inculcating us by heart along with comprehensive notes and explanations.  Some were additionally having ample conversations with us ranging from their learning experience to contemporary issues during hourly lunch gatherings, and eventually help spark my immense interest towards that academic field.

All in all, nothing could be more delightful when standing by each other’s side, witnessing the blossoming bond of companionship and together rising to seemingly insurmountable challenges. Mixed feeling immediately crops up in my mind.  Looking back to the place where we learnt, recalling how we fruitfully grew in these two years, watching photos of our smiling faces right now, inexpressible emotions just keep spilling in my heart.  Dear every Astronaut, wish all of you good luck, good health and all the very best.  Keep in touch and take good care of yourself. ♦


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