Life as a Postgraduate student in the UK

Another challenging chapter of life commences.  Time flies like an instant since I left Hong Kong and have survived in the United Kingdom for a month.  After months of sincere hoping and impatient waiting, I could finally sign with relief when a final acceptance email popped in my inbox this July, informing me that my dream of studying overseas finally come true after years of relentless endeavour.  And after sleepless, tediously long hours on the plane, here I am, already arrived on the other side of the globe.

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Bidding an Adieu to an Undergraduate Life

After a final glance at my last research paper and printing such laborious work out in the Learning Commons, handing it in finally signifies an official epilogue of the days sitting in classes and library corner from dawn till dusk.  I should have felt much reassured and lighthearted to survive my final year after months of endeavour and tedious journal readings.  Yet in reality, my regular footsteps hung heavily with the springing up of mixed feelings: the feeling of nostalgia about student life, the joy of waiting-to-be-graduated, and the confusion of my future plans.

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Why I Write?

I have neither intended to halt my regular writings, nor have I abandoned this blog despite my silence in these three months. The city life, seems to be fascinating at first glimpse, is however in fact so hasty in its way of life that you could hardly breathe. Nowadays, messages are unrehearsed and responses are quickly jotted off at the heat of the moment. How easy, despite awkwardly, chats are mainly about weary contents which are no more than what we did and where we went.   Wrapping myself up with sequences of collaboration, I feel much at ease to be alone, to slow down my pace and to create chains of thought-provoking words. In such serenity and far away from those hectic life, I let my blooming thoughts spur, spurring like a running fountain. It is as if delving deep into a comfort zone that allows me to brainstorm, to smooth my tedious mind, and let my soul wander.

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