Toledo: A Melting Pot of Three Cultures

Once upon a time, there stood a tranquil hilltown ribboned by a shimmering river, where sturdy soldiers guarding the castle against the enemies and the king respecting citizens from all walks of life.  Yet, you don’t have to flip over a fantasy novel to imagine this story content anymore.  Just visit Toledo, you would picture knights of Castile fighting with the Moors near the Alcazar, both wishing to gain a firm foothold in this central heartland.  You will leave adventurous steps on a labyrinth of steep alleyways, where you will have to find the correct path to your destination.  Most importantly, you would be amazed by this fairytale-like city, by its harmony of Christian churches, Islamic mosques and Jewish synagogues in the Middle Ages.

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Coventry: A City of Peace and Reconciliation

Hardly would anyone think of visiting this city when staying in the UK.  However, just less than one-and-a-half hour train from London, there lies this eclectic heart of England, a tranquil city in the county of West Midlands.  Without the skyscraper view and the hustle and bustle of the capital, here you will find yourself marching towards the pedestrian zones, visiting a wide variety of shopping quarters touting all daily necessities, and arriving at the doors of the medieval Guildhall and the landmark Cathedral.

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The House of Flowers – A Remembrance of Tito

He, was a sturdy leader whose power once held the country together under the banner of brotherhood and unity.  He, became one of the most prominent political figures that wielded his country’s influence beyond its size.  He, was seen by some as a strongman who oversaw one of the most prosperous periods this region has ever had.  Above all else, He was hailed as the creator of modern Yugoslavia, when hundreds of foreign delegates from both Communist and non-Communist states were bidding his last farewell in the House of Flowers, just inside the National Yugoslav Museum in Belgrade.  He was Josip Broz Tito.

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