Hello and welcome everyone.  Thanks for stepping into my blog! 🙂

I am Bauhinia, a university student born and raised in Hong Kong, now staying in the United Kingdom.  This blogging pen-name is a blooming orchid-like flower commonly found in tropical regions, including my home city.

Recommended by a Finnish friend who also likes writing, here I am, finally to be a part of this WordPress community with this “Variety as Life Spice” blog.  It has been my conviction that variety would broaden our scope and let our life be more colourful.  Novel writing ideas, multifarious vocabularies, and sentences are definitely the main ingredients of diversification, and of course, add zest to this blog.

What an incredible joy to make full use of this enticing platform, and dive myself into the universe of expressive words and lively sentences.  By seizing days and delving into myriads of topics,  I would be rejoicing at sharing my recent travel experience, sights and sounds of my life, books, music and my city’s issues to all of you.  Enjoy!


You are welcome to contact me by the list below:

24 thoughts on “About

    1. Hello Alison and Don, I am glad to meet you too. It is great to hear that you would like to visit HK next year. Intrigued by your fruitful journeys and enthusiasm in travel, I really rejoice at glancing your eye-opening posts. Your blog descriptions have already tempted me to visit South America one day.

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    1. Glad to meet you here too and nice to hear that you like HK! Yes, I have been to most of the places in Taiwan for several times. Among all, I enjoy Kenting and Sun Moon Lake most with their breathtaking sceneries. Hope that I could visit Alishan and eastern part of Taiwan next time.

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    1. It is encouraging to know that my words are being appreciated. Sharing a blend of ideas and topics, which are filled with heartfelt thoughts and unfading enthusiasm, is what I long embrace in this blogosphere.

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    1. Dear Savio, it is a pleasure for me to rise to all the geographical boundaries, and get to know you and fellow bloggers in WordPress by only a click of the keyboard button. Just by a chain of greeting words, regardless of where we are now, it magically connects each one of us. All the best and hope to read your next blog post soon!


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