Out of my Comfort Zone: Reflections on My First Solo Backpacking Abroad

Wow, you are travelling solo? And only with this backpack?” A middle-aged lady from Malaysia asked me, looking at me in disbelief.

But why going to places alone?

I nodded. I was in an unknown place overseas, outside my comfort zone and without a companion. I was totally on my own. Not even a luggage. What she didn’t know that I was feeling so nervous about this first solo backpacking. I could feel sweat beading on my forehead as I walked around the airport. My heart pounded, and my hand began to feel clammy. I began to pace back and forth, kept looking around without any focus. Butterflies were on my stomach. What if something does not go well as planned? What if flights get delayed, trips haven’t been confirmed? What if I couldn’t find my way to the sightseeing attraction or the hotel?

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A Personal Record: Me and My Quarter-Life Crisis

Graduated with a university degree. Moving out and owning a flat. Having a promising career. Travelling all over the world. Having a group of confidants that understands me. Having found my life partner and living blissfully ever after.

Just flip over my 15 year-old self diary, I found out these are exactly what I would like to achieve by the age of 25. Yet as I reached the quarter of my life, rather than living like what my 15 year-old self projected, I am unable to afford the soaring rent to live independently, don’t have enough time to carry a backpack for travel and am still single. Life is not as bright as I described when I was a teenager. Sometimes the smallest things could make me down: Monday mornings, a Facebook post of some friends cuddling their partner in their special occasion; some seem to be seizing their days, pampering themselves with an extended travel holiday. It fills me with panic when all of these gave me an idea that people surrounding me are “achieving”.

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Conwy & Llandudno: A Tranquil Stroll in North Wales

The turquoise waters, sun-kissed sand, secluded shorelines, little stalls selling seashells, and plates of delicious seafood have made me feel rejoiced since I was just a kid. After an exciting hike in Mount Snowdon, we decided to seize our another day in North Wales to the fullest. To my delight, Conwy and Llandudno all reminded me of those carefree, sunny childhood days on the beach.

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Snowdon: Conquering the Highest Mountain in Wales

You all are so lucky, today is a good time to come here.” Dan, our Airbnb host, told us while offering us a free car ride to the entrance of our Snowdon hike. “Usually, it is mostly blanketed with thick clouds, foggy sights, or light rain in early May.” Yet instead of what he described, bright rays of morning sunlight peered through our car window, greeting us with such a heartwarming glow. When the West Midlands in England was loomed with drizzle, it was the complete opposite here, blessed with such a pleasant weather. It is admittedly a joy to look above, and be surrounded by rarely cloudless, azure sky that we have long been dreaming of.

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