In search of Hans Christian Andersen in Copenhagen

Imagine myself following a protagonist’ gripping adventure that might not have happened in this real world, such as waving the magical wand with the wizard, dancing with a Prince Charming and living happily ever after.  Whether I am bathing in happiness or when loneliness looms, love, loss and many others can be accomplished within a span of a couple hours. Being a voracious reader, smile creeps across my face when I realise how much Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales have enriched my childhood years. Even up to now, his magical stories never fails to delight, enchant and amaze us, and Copenhagen becomes a city where his writing inspiration flourished, and where he called it home.

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A Summary of My Year Abroad in the UK

The arrival of my graduation certificate gladdens me with indescribable joy for graduating from a prestigious university, but also connotes to an official epilogue of my year abroad. Yet behind this paper of certificate that I long pursued for, it also reminds me of all those snapshots of the surrounding natural scenery and geese lining up near the lake, those sleepless days of studies and coursework preparation, and also the bond of companionship, a bond that would be stamped in my heart. Time passes like a blink, but none of these bittersweet moments would be faded into oblivion.

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Toledo: A Melting Pot of Three Cultures

Once upon a time, there stood a tranquil hilltown ribboned by a shimmering river, where sturdy soldiers guarding the castle against the enemies and the king respecting citizens from all walks of life.  Yet, you don’t have to flip over a fantasy novel to imagine this story content anymore.  Just visit Toledo, you would picture knights of Castile fighting with the Moors near the Alcazar, both wishing to gain a firm foothold in this central heartland.  You will leave adventurous steps on a labyrinth of steep alleyways, where you will have to find the correct path to your destination.  Most importantly, you would be amazed by this fairytale-like city, by its harmony of Christian churches, Islamic mosques and Jewish synagogues in the Middle Ages.

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