Doi Inthanon: A mountainous paradise in Thailand

Speaking of Thailand, our first impression would be sandy beaches, tropical coastlines and its humid and boiling weather. However, don’t be surprised that there lies the highest mountain in Chiang Mai that is blessed with lush green landscapes, breezy weather and a high-rise peak that reaches 2500 metres above sea level. It becomes a perfect paradise for the locals and tourists from all walks of life to spend their holiday to escape from the all-year heat and embrace nature.

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The Long-neck Kayans: Restricted, Unprotected and Their Unsolved Plight

Those ladies, with sunken chest and ribs wrapped with gleaming brass, are dressed with full traditional clothes with detailed stitching. They seemed to be representing a tale from a faraway culture that only existed in the written content of a National Geographic magazine or an episode of a TV documentary. Behind those flipping pages and the TV screen, could it be possible that they still exist in this contemporary society and are living their simple way of life?

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Golden Triangle: From a Drug Zone to a China’s Enclave?

Built for the birthday of Thai Queen, there stood a huge Buddha statue overlooking the bank of the Mekong River. This golden Buddha symbolises peace, prosperity and stability at this intersecting point of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Contrary to these good wishes, this river confluence was plagued with enormous drug production in the past decades and in nowadays, becomes one of the sight-seeing tourist attractions.

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Out of my Comfort Zone: Reflections on My First Solo Backpacking Abroad

Wow, you are travelling solo? And only with this backpack?” A middle-aged lady from Malaysia asked me, looking at me in disbelief.

But why going to places alone?

I nodded. I was in an unknown place overseas, outside my comfort zone and without a companion. I was totally on my own. Not even a luggage. What she didn’t know that I was feeling so nervous about this first solo backpacking. I could feel sweat beading on my forehead as I walked around the airport. My heart pounded, and my hand began to feel clammy. I began to pace back and forth, kept looking around without any focus. Butterflies were on my stomach. What if something does not go well as planned? What if flights get delayed, trips haven’t been confirmed? What if I couldn’t find my way to the sightseeing attraction or the hotel?

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