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Bidding an Adieu to an Undergraduate Life

After a final glance at my last research paper and printing such laborious work out in the Learning Commons, handing it in finally signifies an official epilogue of the days sitting in classes and library corner from dawn till dusk.  I should have felt much reassured and lighthearted to survive my final year after months of endeavour and tedious journal readings.  Yet in reality, my regular footsteps hung heavily with the springing up of mixed feelings: the feeling of nostalgia about student life, the joy of waiting-to-be-graduated, and the confusion of my future plans.

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50km Trailwalker: Of Natural Wonders & Enduring Toil

(5th November)  I have never thought of completing an entire 50km walkathon with such tenacity, nor have my teammate, who is her first time ever in Hong Kong.  At first, our application to this trailwalker was merely for our intimate embrace to the natural wonder of the city, after being exhausted by mounts of journals and paperwork, as well as a kaleidoscope of social activities that we could hardly breathe.  Only by joining this event could we truly appreciate the tranquility of the country parks and breath-taking scenery from the hilltops.

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Across Victoria Harbour: A Swimming Milestone

“I like to just think of myself as a normal person who just has a passion, has a goal and a dream and goes out and does it. And that’s really how I’ve always lived my life.” ― Michael Phelps

(16th October) Accompanied by a two beat flutter kick, my arm stanches like windmill arc motions forward, caressing the moving water, locking on and pressing it back.  I made every endeavour to extend my hand further and keep body balancing, and continued battling against the swirling currents while being pushed backward at the same time.  Could you imagine I was once a little girl, being scared of gilding with my face down into the pool during most of my childhood, was now at the choppy centre of the Victoria Harbour, one of the world’s busiest ports against the backdrop of towering skyscrapers?

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