Joint Post with Mohammad: Persian & Chinese Classical Music

In this joint post series, Mohammad, my penfriend from Iran whom we knew for nearly four years, is glad to introduce some background information about the music of his country.  As a cultural exchange, I also feel pleased to share some interesting parts of Chinese classical music in this post as well. Continue reading “Joint Post with Mohammad: Persian & Chinese Classical Music”

Joint Post with Idryss: Frenglish & Kongish

Today, I am delighted to invite Idryss, my French penfriend who is studying English and Economics in Paris, to share his views about Frenglish, its phenomenon and how English affected the use of French in this joint post series.  Meanwhile, to continue our meaningful discussion about languages, I would also like to provide you some insights about the popularity of Kongish (Hong Kong English) in the latter part.

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ABT5: Books of this Moment

ABT5, stands for “Anastasia’s & Bauhinia’s top 5“.  After brief discussions, I, along with my Finnish penfriend Anastasia (the blogger of “Read & Survive“), have made up our mind to share five of our most favourites in this column of ABT5.  Recently, book challenge has been sweeping in social networking sites, luring millions of netizens to recommend their most impacting books.  And of course, being frequent users in a virtual world, we have also been gladly involved in this interesting challenge.  So here we are, listing each of our top 5 books to all of you.

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