Book Review: “Rumi: The Big Red Book”


Book information: New York : HarperOne, 2010. 492 pages. 25cm.

“You have been walking the ocean’s edge,
holding up your robes to keep them dry.
You must dive naked under and deeper under,
a thousand times deeper. Love flows down.”

My heart skipped a beat…

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Magazine Review: “How Muslims observe Ramadan in places where sun does not set” by the Economist

Being one of the five pillars of Islam, annual Ramadan always stands great weight in Holy Koran as well as Muslim’s deep minds. (This year started in 29/6)  To purify body’s toxins and attain constant spiritual awareness of God, fasting is required from dawn till dusk in this ninth month of Islamic calendar.  However, some questions are immediately cropping up due to my inquisitive curiosity.  I have been wondering the starting day of Ramadan is different in every year.  And most importantly, how do the Muslims measure the exact time of fasting especially when living near to the North (24 hours in brightness) or South Pole (24 hours in darkness)?

But much to my delight, “the Economist” magazine explained all of them clearly even with references and stores of approaches adopted by some professional scholars.  For instance, Icelandic Muslim would be recommended to observe the fast times of 45th parallel, whereas their counterparts in Sweden and Alaska have made up their mind to follow the Mecca time in this vitally essential festival.  Overall, impressed by the Economist’s work of exploration and description, what an appealing topic to widen my horizons and broaden my knowledge! ♦