Snowdon: Conquering the Highest Mountain in Wales

You all are so lucky, today is a good time to come here.” Ben, our Airbnb host, told us while offering us a free car ride to the entrance of our Snowdon hike. “Usually, it is mostly blanketed with thick clouds, foggy sights, or light rain in early May.” Yet instead of what he described, bright rays of morning sunlight peered through our car window, greeting us with such a heartwarming glow. When the West Midlands in England was loomed with drizzle, it was the complete opposite here, blessed with such a pleasant weather. It is admittedly a joy to look above, and be surrounded by rarely cloudless, azure sky that we have long been dreaming of.

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50km Trailwalker: Of Natural Wonders & Enduring Toil

(5th November)  I have never thought of completing an entire 50km walkathon with such tenacity, nor have my teammate, who is her first time ever in Hong Kong.  At first, our application to this trailwalker was merely for our intimate embrace to the natural wonder of the city, after being exhausted by mounts of journals and paperwork, as well as a kaleidoscope of social activities that we could hardly breathe.  Only by joining this event could we truly appreciate the tranquility of the country parks and breath-taking scenery from the hilltops.

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Lantau Peak (鳳凰山) – A Hiking Adventure at the Crack of Dawn

This cosmopolitan city of 7 million, located at the southern tip of China, is widely famed by its concrete jungle of modern skyscrapers and the dazzling shore of the Victoria Harbour.  Yet alongside such landmark allure, in fact, Hong  Kong is also long graced by the chains of emerald hills, especially the Lantau Peak, which is the second highest mountain in the territory.   Continue reading “Lantau Peak (鳳凰山) – A Hiking Adventure at the Crack of Dawn”