The House of Flowers – A Remembrance of Tito

He, was a sturdy leader whose power once held the country together under the banner of brotherhood and unity.  He, became one of the most prominent political figures that wielded his country’s influence beyond its size.  He, was seen by some as a strongman who oversaw one of the most prosperous periods this region has ever had.  Above all else, He was hailed as the creator of modern Yugoslavia, when hundreds of foreign delegates from both Communist and non-Communist states were bidding his last farewell in the House of Flowers, just inside the National Yugoslav Museum in Belgrade.  He was Josip Broz Tito.

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Dečani Monastery – A Serbian Medieval Jewel that Survives

There long rested the Dečani Monastery ever since 14th century, among the chestnut trees just besides the Prokletije Mountain ranges in the western part of Kosovo.  For centuries, this Serbian Orthodox church has been an irreplaceable jewel where the intricate of Romanic architecture coexisted with artistic sublimity of Byzantine frescoes, representing the largest and best-preserved medieval church in the Balkans that also survives from a sequence of ethnical and political tensions.

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Mitrovica – A City Divided

(11th January) Gloomy clouds blanketed the city of Mitrovica in darkness.  January wind howled, it pierced the skin of each passer-by and enveloped us with numb coldness in a sprawl of dusty roads.  Few street lights flickered and their shadows laid heavy in the potholes of the Ibar River.  We could hardly hear a pin drop except the gentle sound of flowing waters and our regular footsteps.  In between dilapidated socialist-style buildings and shabby-brown blocks, there lies a steel truss bridge above the river.  Yet it is more than just a bridge.

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