Tai Tong (大棠) – The Shades of Natural Red

Who says one should throw a fancy party till midnight, or indulge yourself in extravagance during this Christmas holiday?  Just an hour away from the city centre, there is a tranquil wonderland where sheer variety of reddish-yellow leaves bloom, where splendor of the golden foliage thrives especially around the Winter Solstice, and where you could bath with bliss and have countless strolls with your beloved ones, just by watching beautiful leaves in our city’s backyard.

The bus cruises down a twisting road from the estates in Yuen Long, verdant hills steadily loom over, stretching towards the distant horizon.  A dense canopy of interlocking maple tree branches seems to be welcoming visitors from different walks of life as we ascend from the bus stop, admiring the serenity of the transient beauty of nature.  The trail is already brightened by the beautiful rays that shine through layers of floating clouds, flashing across the azure sky.  Sunlight beams into every corner, bathing the whole world in a tender glint.

Over the distance lies the panoramic view of flat village houses and high-rise residential blocks in Yuen Long, as well as Shenzhen in a further end.  The meadows lay peacefully in the thickening light of the late afternoon, while the surrounding shrubs and wildflowers are swaying gently in the breeze.  I take pleasure in this half an hour walk along the grey concrete path and prongs of maple trees.  Turning around and one would easily see little butterflies accompanying us in the lush greenery.

Her pleasure in the walk must arise from the exercise and the day, from the view of the last smiles of the year upon the tawny leaves and withered hedges. ― Jane Austen

Sunshine from the hills
Yuen Long town and Shenzhen over the distance

I stare at hundreds of the maple trees, which are skirted and be aflame by a riot of shiny bronze, ambers and red.  With the gentle blow of the breeze, leaves spin through the refreshing air in a graceful dance, pirouetting around from the sturdy tree trunks with a feast of striking colour that delights our eyes.  Crisp golden leaves, breaking into a million fragments with myriads of shapes and sizes, are as if laying out as a welcoming carpet on the floor. The late afternoon sunlight sparks through the hanging leaves, illuminating the stunning auburn, yellow and orange beneath it, making the most splendid mosaic of nature.

My spirits soar when looking in awe in this wondrous sea of red under the brilliant shafts of light.  Every breath of the fresh air fills me a sense of liveliness that almost sparks my desire to raise my arms amidst the brushes.  Streets of regal carpets of crisp leaves, lingering aroma of the barbecue and fragrant air, and sweet melodies of bird’s chirping decorate this country park to be the most romantic and heartwarming one in this festive season.  I reach down, pick the leaves up and hold them close to my heart to embrace this amber afternoon warmly.

Neither have I expected how picturesque the scenery is, nor how the burning red leaves grabbed hold of my heart.  Our eyes drift from the concrete pathways to the beauty above, having a last glance at the jagged pieces of burning red.  Soon, the golden sun orb drowns to the horizon, dyeing the sky in pale pink and yellow before the advent of twilight.  Yet the speechless beauty of those red maple leaves will long be stamped in our hearts. ♦

Every breath speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree. ― Emily Bronte

Changing colours of maple leaves
red leaves 6
Golden trees
red leaves 7
Another breathtaking photo


Red maple leaves


A sea of blooming red
Shades of red


How to get to the starting point of Tai Tong Country Park?

  • Arrive at MTR Long Ping Station Exit B2. Down to the MTR station to the bus terminus, take bus K66 and get off at Tai Tong Shan Road, then walk uphill for around 30 minutes in the park
  • Arrive at MTR Long Ping Station Exit B2 and take a taxi

4 thoughts on “Tai Tong (大棠) – The Shades of Natural Red”

    1. My heart rejoices with gladness after reading your cordial comment. Those descriptive words just sprang up in my mind when I was immersed in an amazing atmosphere of red maple leaves, hoping to capture its beauty to everyone. Wishing you all the very best in this joyous festival too!

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    1. Yes, Tai Tong is a great place in Hong Kong where we could appreciate the wonder of nature, far from hustle and bustle. I also wish you a lovely Christmas that gladdens you with music of laughter and incredible joy! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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