Another Year of Blogging: Celebrating Inner Life to the Outer World

He, grabs his leather briefcase to leave footprints around the globe, meeting customers from all walks of life; She, as usual, patiently explains new vocabs in the blackboard, sparking the interest of eager-eyed kids towards the discovery of new knowledge;  I, myself, am a university student who attends a series of lectures and dives into endless pages of readings for the tutorials; and perhaps You, dressed in decent attire, enter your office every weekday morning, being well-prepared for another brand new day.

We seem to have no relation at all.  Some of us desire for more fortune for a living and climbing up to the socio-economic ladder, some just yearn for raising the future pillars up and witnessing them flourish, and some zest to polish specialised knowledge and navigating own path in the golden years.  Day by day, we are just living up to own daily routine and working schedule, embarking on our life journey and striving towards personal goals.  We would probably not be knowing each of us looks like, maybe you are following the chic of make-ups and stylish fashion, or just a simple, ordinary person but appears invigorated. Yet in fact, our eyes have been fixed to the same spacious WordPress platform, fingers keep clicking away on the keyboard for novel content, and we have been following catchy titles that are created by myriads of us in the reader list.  By just a brisk click of a “Publish” button, at that moment, you decide to open the windows of your heart and let the fountain of your inner emotion burst to your unknown audience.  Throughout these years, we have been vividly sharing leisurely pastimes or concrete observations, elegantly-written poems or life truths, colourful travel photos and subtle descriptions, much better to some acquaintances whom we meet face to face.

wordpress draft
Publish a new post and who knows where it will reach this time

Gradually, our blogging life is being linked to some distant yet like-minded souls – by a string of special coincidences.  From swarms of an unknown crowd, from the boundless sea of faces, discovering each of our blog address, undeniably, is like finding a needle in a haystack.  Perhaps I am first struck by the feeling of love at first sight towards your site, as your encouraging words tugged at my heartstrings; or you are simply curious of my cartoon image, trying to unveil who I am and what I am passionate for.  No matter you are on the edge of chained ridges or at the top of high-rise skyscrapers, sticking with your eloquent words becomes joys to behold, to linger over, and to spice up our lives.  These two years, blogging indeed accompanies a teenager that once dreamt of a personal wonderland into an early adulthood in which she falls in love in writing.  I empower words as I follow authentic voices inside my mind.  I can spend hours in polishing sentences just because I feel being at the top of the world or writing pacifies my empty soul, at that particular moment.  Despite keeping myself to myself at times, in reality, WordPress is like where I belong, is where I am willing to wear my heart on my sleeve.

Perhaps, like I do, blogging frees some of us from the burden of deadline pressure and grips of anxiety, or enables us to envision the future developments decades later, or reminiscent those bittersweet comfort of the past.  No one sees us blush, no one hears us shutter.  It allows us the time to think of what we would like to express, rather than searching word choices in uncomfortable silence when our mind might not be on the same page.  In this ever-changing world where billions of people hurried-by, perhaps all we want is to leave something meaningful behind, to leave an indelible mark in someone’s heart, to break the invisible wall of isolation through the sweeping power of words, or just to reach people’s soul through a WordPress blog that starts from scratch.  Here we share glee and sorrow, delight and distress, as well as life’s twists and turns.  And here we are, to appreciate the distinctive style of every story, and also the blooming inspiration and unfailing endeavour by fellow bloggers behind.

No matter you are now figuring out your next blogging topic, brainstorming your in-depth thoughts, or just like me, placing myself in a cosy couch with fine sea view, and having a last glance of this draft, one thing is for sure.  It is our creative mind that craves purely-distilled ideas from the bottom of own heart.  In a big somewhere out there, equally binds us together is also our broadmindedness towards diversifying opinions.  All these travel beyond physical distance and geographical boundaries, and outreach the intertwined souls of He, She, me and You. ♦

© Variety as Life Spice 2014-2016


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