Why I Write?

I have neither intended to halt my regular writings, nor have I abandoned this blog despite my silence in these three months. The city life, seems to be fascinating at first glimpse, is however in fact so hasty in its way of life that you could hardly breathe. Nowadays, messages are unrehearsed and responses are quickly jotted off at the heat of the moment. How easy, despite awkwardly, chats are mainly about weary contents which are no more than what we did and where we went.   Wrapping myself up with sequences of collaboration, I feel much at ease to be alone, to slow down my pace and to create chains of thought-provoking words. In such serenity and far away from those hectic life, I let my blooming thoughts spur, spurring like a running fountain. It is as if delving deep into a comfort zone that allows me to brainstorm, to smooth my tedious mind, and let my soul wander.

I hold firm that words can transcend thousands of miles. It is challenging, yet tempting to develop an elegant writing style with the presence of clarity and precision, as well as to come up with an eye-catchy topic, thorough content and impressive conclusion. It makes me feel like an artist, except carrying with a brush and a canvas, but with ink pens and blank papers or a laptop instead. Not only is writing an expressive tool, but also an art of transmitting friendly messages. Maybe my words offer someone comfort and warmth, reminding them of those lights at the end of the tunnel. Maybe my words lift someone from the side of the world in pure rejoice, and feed their mind with kind thoughts. Because I write, this pastime prompts me to discover what I believe, believe in the beauty of this lingua franca, believe in the power of words that impresses people wherever they are. Because I write, my brainstormed voice will not be silenced and swallowed up by the passing of time. Bit by bit, I leave unfading ink in sheets of blank paper and this WordPress website. It will be eternal, reaching far, far into the others’ mind, touch their hearts and refresh my memories, regardless of the fast-changing city life is. ♦

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”
― William Wordsworth


8 thoughts on “Why I Write?

  1. Very nice, inspiring post ! I have made it a point to read and comment on as many posts as I can every day. I know I don’t make a difference but reading these various posts do create an impression on me and also give me a chance to improve my writing.

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    1. Susie, thanks for your complement. How fantastic it is to hear that you also enjoy engaging in this blogosphere. Same as you, WordPress becomes a platform for me to unveil my true feelings and express my views. Btw, I wish you a Merry Christmas and happy blogging in the coming year! 🙂


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