Music Review: Andrea Bocelli’s “Passione” (2013)

“If God would have a singing voice, he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli.” – Celine Dion

“When I hear Andrea sing, I burst into tears.” – Oprah Winfrey

What is better than being greeted by the tenor voice of Andrea Bocelli in this remaining summer, and loosening up with his collection of romantic songs from the Mediterranean to Latin America? Taking us from the classical genre to popular music, Andrea Bocelli once again shows off his seducing vocal, as expressive as usual.

Those were the pre-famed days when he was singing those album songs in piano bars, requested by people from all walks of life, across Italy. Recorded at his home in Tuscany in six languages, Bocelli’s smooth delivery became the highlight of this collection, standing out with such terrifying vigour and ardour. The track begins with Perfidia, featuring beseeing timbre of his voice and brilliant performance of lamentable feelings of betrayal. Tugging listeners’ heartstrings, his beautiful interpretation and genuine feeling just spices up other songs like Champagne, Anema e Core and Love in Portofino. While the accompany of guest artists such as Edith Piaf on La Vie en Rose in 1940s, Jennifer Lopez on Quizàs Quizàs Quizàs, and Nelly Furtado on Corcovado all set a groundwork to Bocelli’s beautiful interpretation. Let us not forget the arrangement endeavour of David Foster and the match of 63-piece orchestra. Such background varieties, with violins, guitars, flutes and saxophones and syrupy strings, are well-suited to Bocelli’s high-ranged vocals in lounge mode.

If you would also like to experience sweet sensation of romance and relieve yourself with charismatic power of Bocelli’s voice, do plunge into his musical world of a hot rush of love. Just feel his “Passion” from the heart, as this album title suggests. ♦

Perfidia from this album:

Quizas, Quizas, Quizas from this album:

Track Listings:

1. Perfidia
2. Roma Nun Fa La Stupida Stasera
3. Champagne
4. Anema E Core
5. Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (with Jennifer Lopez)
6. Era gia tutto previsto
7. Tristeza
8. La Vie en Rose (with Edith Piaf)
9. Corcovado (with Nelly Furtado )
10. Sara’ Settembre
11. Love In Portofino
12. Garota De Ipanema
13. Malafemmena
14. Love Me Tender

Image from Google and Wikipedia


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