Daily Prompt: From Imaginative Creator to Pioneer of Truth Discovery

In response to “Futures Past” in WordPress’s Daily Prompt:

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision?

During a language lesson in primary school, a composition was waiting for us to complete in class, with topic “What is your dream job?”

Beyond a doubt, I started “I want to be a writer…”

Books were and always are my best companions. Those novels do grip me to follow thrilling adventures of the protagonists that might not have happened in this real world. As a passionate reader, how much I hope I could delve into the colourful world of vivid imagination and create my own one to be filled in the libraries or book fairs. Without realising the slipping of time, love, loss and many others can be accomplished within a couple of days. What about waving a magic wand with the wizards against hideous monsters, dancing with the charming prince in a magnificent castle, or hunting precious treasure in an unknown planet? Just like Roald Dahl and J.K.Rowling, wouldn’t I be joyful, during the creation of children and teens literature, to bring afterglow sparkles of delight to the others and add colour to their leisure time?

However, contrast to protagonists who were living happily ever after in fairytales, the more I grow up, the more I recognise this contemporary world is inevitably scourged with inequality. Instead of wandering about ideal fantasies and imagining an out-of-the-world utopia, I wish to be the one, also grabbing an ink pen, but of concrete discovery of truth for people from all walks of life. There lies an unremitting goal to me, a goal that I am able to explore the field of journalism, make use of this profession and political knowledge, to cultivate an inquiring mind and acute insight of the international situations. In China, the long-standing household registration system (hukou) plays a significant role in denying rural children’s education, as well as aggravating China’s wealth gap. The barbarity of ISIS, including rampant rape and contempt marriage of women as well as beheading soldiers and civilians, is despised with grave alarm. In the other side of the globe, equally heart-wrenching is the migrants especially the Rohingyas from Myanmar are sailing, albeit endlessly deferred, to relatively-rich Thailand and Malaysia for a living. Yet from first to last, my wishes for better human security and world peace under sweeping tide of globalisation never waver. It is time to stand up, to decisively bring the above savage acts or institutional unfairness to the limelight and urge for humanitarian assistance that can rescue those weeping souls out of political ordeals.  After all, conniving at those innocent lives and depriving their basic rights, or letting them hopelessly suffer or get drowned are a moral disgrace.

Nothing can be more rewarding than devoting one’s heart, under intense time race from dawn till dusk, to unveil the latest news and write extraordinary articles that can long-endure. Transforming from blank papers to diversified content is what a successful journalist does to intrigue readers. Here they are, striving their best to edit their informative writings even at the last minute of assigned deadline, in rain or shine. Perhaps you might see my name on the cover and be reading my feature articles in the future too. Who knows? ♦

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