My Panaceas for Nurturing Mental Health

Health, no matter physical or mental ones, is a priceless asset that anything cannot replace. Though in face of assignments’ deadlines this month, in no way would I like to devote all my time into those endless papers at the expense of my psychological well-being. After all, don’t live to work, but work to live even in such stressful time. Striking a balance between study, personal time and rest is also equally crucial for me to rise to upcoming challenges.

Soft music and Chit-chats

Close your eyes for a while, take a short break and unwind your mind. Find a disc and put your earphones on. Loosen up with gentle melodies ranging from Chopin’s classical nocturnes to Kenny G’s saxophone music (all are my cups of tea). For further exploring the musical world under the dazzle of various notes, why not simply search some music scores and play an instrument during the leisure time? Just let music vibrant.

At times, brief chit-chat could also spice your day up while burdening with heavy workload. It is not until this year do I truly realize the magnet of it. I could still vividly remember how delightful I was, after hourly struggle for an impressive conclusion, when suddenly getting inspired by the conversation. Pleasant talks with friends about school life, personal pastimes and current affairs are surely pure joys after a day of monotonous work.

Sunshine and Work-outs

Instead of having a sedentary lifestyle all day long, I actually get hooked on outdoor activities and enjoy being under the warm sunshine. As a running enthusiast, I am fortunate to live near to a park despite the surrounding residential buildings. It is always an enticement to get tanned and run on the soft emerald lawns, inhale the fresh air and watching the sun gradually drown into the far end of horizon. The stimulation of endorphins secretion, through regular physical activities, helps muster up the rush of good-feeling, which in turn, relieve stress and lift mood. Fading anxious thoughts into an oblivion at that particular hour, how carefree when I am able to feel refreshed and put a bright smile on my sweaty face under those serene evenings.

Look for the bright side and Have faith

Cultivating an optimistic attitude comes as vital when in face of uncertain future. Most of my schoolmates, including myself, are patiently anticipating for the offers release after two bittersweet learning years. New possibilities might be knocking at our doors in these upcoming weeks, who knows? Look for the bright side. Always stay hopeful and keep looking forward. Don’t let the faith extinguish.  It is not necessary to shoulder the bygone faults and blame the luck once we have already striven our best and left no regrets. Wherever I would be in several months later, I will always be honing my diverse skills and equipping myself through multi-faceted activities. Led by own achievable goals and cherish every opportunity. It is my conviction that I would achieve what I expected for if I leap at each valuable chance. Nothing is impossible.

To be frank, hectic study schedules sometimes just got on my nerves. Yet with suitable personal time and rest, I would rather be a vigorous learner who is having good time management than the one with pale complexion and puffy eyes. We are still in our golden early twenties and have a long way to walk on. Take good care and don’t push yourself in an extreme exhaustion. ♦

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2 thoughts on “My Panaceas for Nurturing Mental Health”

  1. Wonderful post! I’m so glad you’re going to be participating in #1000Speak monthly. I love that you’ve provided real solutions and gave us concrete ways to nurture our physical and mental health.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jen, thank you and thanks for the comment. Those are just my solutions to relax myself when I am under stress each time. Though it is still April, I am looking forward to the topic of next month!


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