Happy Birthday to… Variety as Life Spice!

When the darkness of midnight falls and cloaks, when the chandeliers from the neighbours are gradually dimmed and faded, when everyone is falling asleep and having a sweet dream, you can only hear a pin drop except my continual typing sound from the laptop keyboard. However frantically busy I am, however impending the assignments are on my desk, however drained after a day of study, here I am, still blogging for this WordPress post with sheer pleasure.

Can you believe I have been clinging to my WordPress blog – “Variety as Life Spice” that far? For entirely a year? I wouldn’t have believed it when this blog was first opened largely due to my immediate curiosity. Had it not been for my Finnish friend (also a book blogger) Anastasia’s suggestions, I wouldn’t have ended up with WordPress right now. Living in Hong Kong the cosmopolitan city, it is admittedly a boon for me to experience a multifarious array of leisure activities including shopping, dining and hanging out with friends, to name but a few. However fun these activities might seem, however less in vogue blogging is in my home city, I hold firm to my belief that the joy of blogging in WordPress transcends all those activities.

Being a part of spacious WordPress family is just like engaging in sincere interactions and being warmly greeted by seas of high-caliber writers. Throughout this entire year, my time often elapses with amazement when hundreds of designed themes and daily prompt topics are popping in front of my eyes. While gratifying feelings keep springing up when reading other bloggers’ achievements or their appreciative comments one by one. Their unique experiences and remarkable life journeys, needless to say, have already broadened my horizons and allured me to glimpse over their life path all the way. You would be vividly intrigued by their staunch resolve when they are going to embark on a half-year yacht trip across Southeast Asia, or fulfill their travel dream at the expense of selling their properties. In the meantime, pairs of cross-cultural couples, rising to geographical boundaries with unwavering love, illustrate ways of maintaining long-distance relationships and adapting to their new lives. Keeping abreast of daily issues, let’s not forget those who are tirelessly advocating humanity and analysing contemporary China and Ukraine’s affairs. What even more invigorating are certainly those imaginative poems, breath-taking photos or uplifting notes reflecting the beauty of life, encouraging us to hold on our dreams and fly high with feathered wings. Could shopping, dining and hanging out accomplish and make up to my continual affiliations with world audience? Definitely not.

Not only does WordPress blog act like a bond with the others, but also quench my thirst towards free writing. A fine piece of writing is just like connecting all crucial elements, comprising proper grammar and myriads of vocabs, into one. You might be wondering why I still blog even when saddled with unfinished papers for thousand words each. You might be wondering whether I would feel exhausted when I am writing such large amounts of additional wordings not in my mother language. True, I know I still have rooms for improvement in my English proficiency. There are pondering moments when I am racking my brain, and meditating over what I am going to write next. However, all these scenarios would in no way chill my passion towards delving into the clarity and elegance of this lingua franca. How much I still relish being in my study room without disruption, having a cup of hot tea nearby and diving myself into intellectual universe of expressive sentences for hours. How incredible while I am making full use of this convenient platform, under my penname Bauhinia, to discover engrossing topics freely, share my inner feelings and voice out heartfelt opinions to readers from different walks of life. A broad spectrum of topics, ranging from books, music, Hong Kong’s issues to personal pastimes, dazzle my blog menu. Though I may appear a bit reserved in person, nothing can be more at ease than listening to soft melodies all by myself, then afterwards opening my heart and devoting my thoughtful mind into literary creations especially in such a tranquil midnight.

To me, silence is golden. Being alone under the dark sky is no longer synonymous to complete boredom and loneliness. Adding colour to our daily lives lies not in socializing in crowded areas, but also spending time individually, recording sights and sounds of my life, injecting enthusiasm and pure emotions in every of the wordings. Happy Birthday, my Variety as Life Spice. I wish to celebrate the upcoming birthdays with you forever, even after years and decades, with all my heart. ♦

© Variety as Life Spice 2014-2015


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