Time Machine

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Doraemon, which is a popular Japanese cartoon featuring the adventures of a robot cat Doraemon and his friends, has always been my favourite TV entertainment since my childhood.  Longing for his time machine, how much I would like to cross the”tunnel” of space time, travel to the bygone past and the unknown future.  Thrilled about this idea, I am ready for the discovery.  The below would be my confirmation of three destinations under my assigned time.

1492  Italy

Gone were the gloomy days of Black Death, but a refreshing era of vivid creation and novel ideas.  In the wake of the tormenting catastrophe, Renaissance, literally means “rebirth”, was first embarked in Italy.  Under enviable spotlights of the European civilization, Italy became the cradle of culture at that time where sublime masterpieces of fine art, polyphonic music and magnificent architecture flourished.  Michelangelo’s “Pietà” and Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” laid a rosy cornerstone for further aesthetic enhancements, to name but a few.

1492 was exactly the year when Columbus discovered the “New World”, which was the turning point of shaping people’s universal view, and their knowledge towards geography emerged.  The steady decline of the feudal system, the bloom of commerce, sciences and medicine, as well as the invention of such potentially powerful innovations as printing and compass all marked the transition from medieval to early modern era in Europe.  How much I would like to immerse myself in such thrive of fundamental development.

2047  Hong Kong

On the wall, there hang breath-taking travel photos of a woman in her fifties.  In her “WordPress” blog are her records of delightful and distressing moments starting from 19 year-old.  In contrast to her counterparts who are raising their children well, she has climbed up to the sunbathed hilltops and reached invisible valleys, and been tightening the bonds of companionships and living life to the fullest.  So, would I become that envisioned woman who would also be relishing in such an independently free and fruitful life at that time?

Born and bred in Hong Kong, I have always been taking pride in our sound and stable environment, laissez-faire capitalism, transparent legal system,  as well as freedom of speech and demonstration which are different from the Mainland China’s.  Under the implementation of “One Country Two Systems”, nevertheless, such core values and our own way of life might only be maintained until 2047.  Then what would be the next?    However misty the future would be, it really falls on us to sharpen the competitiveness and preserve the uniqueness of our homeland right now, instead of being passively marginalized into China’s system.  After all, actions speak louder than words.

2100  America

At the dawn of the 22nd century, what would history comment on the overall trend of the past century?  Under China’s unprecedented roar to the international platform, would America still be the global hegemon?  Would the world order shift?  Meanwhile, let us not forget the sweeping power of globalization with proliferating flow of labour, capital and information.  The thrive of multinational companies and the influence of global media, as well as the prevalence of international institutions might even endure the test of time.

We will never know how astonishingly fast the future evolves.  With indispensable cutting-edged technology, maybe the story plots in the fantasies will come into reality.  Robots would be doing all weary housework and dreary standardized production work for us.  Our future pillars would be studying online with electronic textbooks on one hand and the Wikipedia on the other.  We would be riding in a driverless car or a time machine just like Doraemon’s would be invented in the future.  So isn’t it enticing to witness such revolutionary scientific milestone begins and leaps a great forward? ♦


If you are also invited to utilize Doraemon’s time machine, what would be your choices and why?  It would be nice to hear your comments.


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