Reblogged post: I Dream

Loosen up. Embrace the nature. Let our peaceful mind wander, a mind in which we would be clung to serene whispers and freed from chattering noises.  A beautiful poem.

Echoes of Life

I dream of long French windows
And a thick, carpeted floor
I dream of rows and rows of books
Lined from the windows to the door

I dream of lush unending meadows
That kiss the bright blue skies
I dream of soaking in the sun for hours
With care-free mind and closed eyes

I dream of canvases and palettes
Shades of red, green, and blue
I dream of paint brushes of different types
To help blend all those hues

I dream of white sandy beaches
And sparkling frothy waves
I dream of sailboats and surfboards
And no stormy days

I dream of joy and celebration
Of gardens adorned with fairy lights
I dream of long flowing gowns
And dancing through the night

I dream of driving down highways
That lead to no specific place
I dream of snow-capped mountains far away
And having picnics by lakes

I dream of a…

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