Flower Market in Hong Kong

Paying a visit to Flower Market, which is usually started a week prior to the Lunar New Year, has been our annual tradition.  Buzzing with exhilarating spirits of festivities, hustle sea of strolling people and peaks of promotion yelps, it is ubiquitous for us to mingle with the crowds along with flocks of visitors, do shopping for new ornamental decorations and fill our home with flowers’ fragrance.  Apart from blooming plants and flowers, myriads of products including soft toys, warm cushions of Mahjong and popular soya milk drink are being sold, you name it.  Yet what gives me a wow factor to this visit is probably sellers’ innovative creativity of illustrating their ironical humour towards specific hot issues in their products. Below are several photos of the Flower Market in Mongkok during this sleepless night.  Happy Lunar New Year in advance!

Dry goods stalls:

Red banners contained with fortune blessings
Year of Sheep is coming!


Windmills, wishing someone success and all the best


Cushions of Majong, a traditional Chinese entertainment

coca cola

Coca-Cola cushions, with encouraging words


Selling machine of soya milk drinks’ cushions, with praising names of Boy-God and Goddess


Cushions reflecting Hong Kong people’s views towards specific current affairs


Political sarcasm to our current Chief Executive (CE) who is nicknamed as “689”. “689” means our CE gained 689 votes in the election decided by only 1200 people


Make a wish, write it on the wall

wish 1.jpg
My wishes to everyone 🙂

Flower stalls:

Orchids – connoting nobility and elegance

Gladiolus, a symbol of strength
Peach Blossom, representing spring’s arrival and good people’s relationships
New Year Fruit – An auspicious symbol
Mandarin Trees – A symbol of good fortune and prosperity



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