Valentine’s Day with the Prince of Romance

“He has arguably done more to popularise the piano around the world than anyone since Beethoven” – Comment from a German journalist

Who says I should search for my Mr Right and romantically date someone during the Valentine’s Day?  Who says I need to be in an extravagantly-decorated restaurant, filled with bouquets of red roses, envelopes of love letters, and aroma of palatable food for candle supper?  Being a music fanatic, celebrating this special day with Richard Clayderman (also known as Philippe Pagès), who is the Prince of Romance from France, was certainly more worth-anticipating.

With backdrop of glittering rainbow-like spotlights and soft accompany by string orchestra, here came Richard on stage, dexterously gliding through wide range of keys in a sophisticated manner, mastering own distinctive style of music to us.   “Ballade pour Adeline”, his vibrantly impressive debut for a recording company, was the turning point for his worldwide fame and outstanding thrive.  Created in an ABA form with continuous arpeggios, that ballade is just like poetic flow of kindness bathing over the bottom of my heart.  Sublime dynamics of chromatic and whole-tone chords, arpeggios, and steady usage of upper octave were all vividly manifested in a lively swing.  Wholeheartedly devoted, he kept injecting his enthusiasm in every note of dolce music pieces, tenderly tugging at our heartstrings and stirring up waves of rich sentiments.  With those radiant splendour of crescendos and decrescendos, articulation of legato and non-legato as well as several ornaments, his music is as if a body filled with colourful innermost soul.  Indulged in expressive elegant melodies and graceful romantic music, even when I closed my eyes, I could still feel his music ardour, deft fingering and brilliant piano skills.  His timeless masterpieces utterly did enrapture us with an unforgettable impression of relish and refresh.  No wonder he had been hailed as “the Prince of Romance” by Nancy Reagan.

Fine music is like a precious godsend shining with sheer emotions, mesmerising beauty and heart-warming feeling.  Music speaks beyond language, transcends geographical boundaries, and connects people from different nationalities and all walks of life.  Throughout these years, Richard Clayderman’s catchy yet enticing melodies of “Mariage D’Amour” and “A Comme Amour” have already stamped into our mind, bringing a house of thunderous applause in every live performance.  While brisk tempos of  “Souvenirs D’EnFance” and sentimental“Murmursjust tempt me to continue honing my piano mastery as best as I could.  Richard, thank you for your tireless affection, vigorous devotion and unremitting faith towards music.  Thank you for enriching and lifting our soul up along with graceful chords all the way.  Irreplaceable along with Chopin in piano field at my heart, you are surely the one who endowed with remarkable talent and illustrious capabilities.  Merci Prince of Romance, my most favourite pianist, J’aime votre musique.  I do adore you, and always will be. ♦

An album bought after the concert


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