Welcome to the Flight 2015!

After biding a farewell to year 2014, journey of Flight 2015 has just embarked!

Your life luggage should only contain the best souvenirs from 2014,

The bleak experiences should be placed into the trash.

The duration of this flight will last for twelve months, so tighten your seatbelt.

Our next stops will be:

Health, Love, Happiness, Harmony, Well-being, Positive spirits, Optimism, Peace

The following menu will be served during the flight, accompanied with bouquets of my hearty greetings:

A bursting cocktail of Friendship

A sparkling champagne of Success

A green salad of Fitness

A reaping gratin of Prosperity

A mastered plate of Knowledge & Skills

A fruitful bowl of Excellent News

An icing cake of Bliss

Last, let me thank those who made the year 2014 wonderful.  The flourish of close friendship bonds, week by week, impressed me.  Never are we in an one man army.  Counting on each other, our hearts are tying with a consistent goal.  A goal that means a great deal to us, a goal that needs to be grabbed with care.  All my dear ones, thanks for standing by my side.

Meanwhile, starting this blog of “Variety as Life Spice” is certainly my greatest decision in 2014.  Hooked on this writing pastime, I will keep sharing ideas of books, magazines, HK issues and music.  Readers, thank you so much of your sustained support and the “likes”.  From each of your comments, it is really fabulous to hear that you have been heeding and rejoicing my posts.  Stepping into the new year, rather than letting bygones be bygones, I will embrace these encouraging moments by heart and carry on.

Wish all of you be blessed with good luck and a thriving year ahead.  Hope your resolutions come true.  All the best and have an enjoyable trip in flight 2015!

Thanks for flying with us. ♦

© Variety as Life Spice 2015


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