Book Review: “Life without Limits” by Nick Vujicic

Book information: New York : Doubleday Religion, 2010. 238p. 25cm

Nick Vujicic, an extraordinary Australian born without limbs, released this inspiring self-help book years ago, and eventually it becomes a worldwide hit.  In spite of his popularity and his uplifting figure nowadays, you would never imagined his enmeshed melancholy and the others’ teasing had prompted him to attempt suicide as a young teen.  Nevertheless, during that gloomy era of bleak emotional turmoils and uncertainty, instead of sobbing his heart out and blaming his innate body’s obstacles all the time, he had been steadily regarding God as his paramount source of strength for overcoming, preserving to live a fulfilling life not constrained by all circumstances.  Don’t be surprised to be told that he is able to take care of himself independently with swimming and surfing as his pastimes.  In a bid to cultivate optimistic affirmation and talking people into positive outlook of life, he is currently a motivational ambassador by presenting encouraging speeches and hugging people’s souls all around the globe.

In this book as his first debut, Nick spent pages on pragmatic suggestions on building trust and supporting relationship, constantly reminding us to search life goals and stretch for our accomplishments against seemingly formidable odds.  Granted, everyone does have dreams.  If you would like to be a renowned blogger, an itinerant traveller or a resourceful scholar in the future, take the plunge, sharpen your edge and go ahead with consistent tenacity.  I am sure opportunities will be knocking at our front door if we have better equipped ourselves well.  And we will get what expected for if we leap at each golden chance with confidence.  After all, don’t let anything or anyone stifle your dreams and fetter your most-wanted desire.  Just like Nick, believe in yourself, nothing is impossible.  Let yourself radiate in own unique beauty. ♦

“To achieve success you have to feel worthy of it and then take responsibility to make it happen.”

“I believe my life has no limits!  I want you to feel the same way about your life, no matter what your challenges may be.”


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