Joan Larsen Presents: In Photos – Searching for the World’s Most Unusual Trees

Had it not been for my glance at this intriguing post, I would not have realized how unique and varied those emerald trees can be in all over the globe. Each of them is revealing own special style to us who are in the comfort of our home. They are surely delights to behold. After all, the world is amazingly huge with multifarious species nurtured and endowed:

Forming The Thread

By Joan Larsen

Trees-top1-trees-bonesI admit. . . searching for trees usually is way down the list of things we plan to do in life. Way down. But then – then – I actually spent the night in a nest, a so-called human nest lodged in a tree in Big Sur, California. If you are “into” unforgettable experiences, put this high on your list of things to do. But . . . I found that once you have nested high in a tree, you bond. And forever after you tend to – well, have an affinity with the taller things in nature.

Now I find myself hooked on remarkable trees, willing to go considerable distance out of my way in my travels to snap photos of trees that pride themselves in being unique. I feel that they actually dare me to express some signs of just plain AWE.

Let me introduce…

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