What a hectic school life!

Stepping into early November,  every day just passes like an instant with flooding school works, marking a sharp contrast from my laid-back summer and those carefree feelings in Taichung and Tainan’s trip.  Time, abstract though invaluable, is increasingly difficult for me to catch up.  Being a Social Science student, core subjects, such as “International Relations” and “Social Issues in Contemporary China”, are currently listed in my learning agenda.  A broad spectrum of topics, comprising collective security, political economy, have been or will be discussed in the lectures, to name but a few.  It is also flabbergasting to note the complexity of China’s wealth polarization dilemma, as well as its redistribution and marketization reforms during the lessons.  All these topics, undoubtedly, are widening my exposure to a great extent.

Yet, with such knowledgeable facts springing up in such a fast-paced speed, hardly does the time elapse without revising the theories and study guides within the limited time provided.  Flurried gale of impending term papers and group projects, along with mounts of papernotes and textbooks, have already drained me.  Requiring much analytical skills, in no way are schoolworks a piece of cake anymore.  On no account does the remaining time enough to devote to other leisurely pastimes.  To live up to the expectations, I have been repeatedly pondering over and over, “how can I finish all my work efficiently before the deadline?” or “Is this really the moment to loosen up while many of my schoolmates are cramming the readings?”.  This incredibly hectic semester, nonetheless to me,  has become vitally important especially blanketed by hazy uncertainty.  Hence, all I can do is to bury my head, albeit fanatically busy, into the study contents from daybreak till bedtime.  So would I finally reap what I sow after two years of consistent diligence, as anticipated in several months later?


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