Music: D.Shostakovich’s “The Second Waltz” by Andre Rieu

There are those who regarded classical music as merely high-class elites’ entertainment.  Others claimed that type of music is not their cup of tea.  Acclaimed as the “Waltz King”, Andre Rieu the Dutch violinist, with the assistance by the members of his “Johann Strauss Orchestra”, is devoting his heart to bring that belief a leap of faith.  Multifarious variations of classical and waltz music, being the main themes of his global tour, could also be perceived as a dynamic vogue alongside pop, rock songs nowadays.  In this brilliant performance of “the Second Waltz, Op. 99”, flocks of audience are gathering in front of the gorgeous grand stage, together joining hands, meeting new acquaintances, dancing cheerfully according to the fast-paced rhythm.  This movie music of “The First Echelon”, after its creation over half a century, has finally been brought into shimmering limelight.  Needless to say, it was a huge success gladdened by such an exhilarating atmosphere.  Tremendous cheers rose up from a sea of flashing eyes and smiling faces, along with a thundering standing ovation to the “Waltz King”.  Who says classical waltz music merely elites’ entertainment?  Being a wonderful spice to transmit one’s assortment of marvel, let this light-hearting waltz rhythm go on and on. ♦



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