Do you hear the sea of blacks sing?

“Do you hear the people sing?  Singing the song of angry men?” – Les Miserables’s lyrics

We want a universal suffrage

A blooming sea of blacks in Almiralty
Chingish (a mixture of Cantonese and English languages) “People Mountain People Sea” is best described in Mongkok


Thousands of citizens, myself included, wearing black T-shirt with a yellow ribbon, are spontaneously swarming into densely-populated protesting spots from dawn till dusk.  Filled with founders’ vociferous slogans, crowd’s encouraging pandemonium and chanted roars, we are all lighting our mobile phones up, together singing loud chorus of Beyond’s “Boundless Oceans Vast Skies“.  Even being under the roasting sunshine, even in face of pouring rain, even blanketed by midnights’ darkness, all these physical obstacles never dampened our staunch resolution and conquered our relentless will.  Our connected hearts still illuminatingly stay the same, from first to last.

This is high time for us to jointly articulate our unyielding determination.  This is the moment to let our government and the Chinese Communist Party apprehend that we will not bow our heads down to an unrepresentative universal suffrage, with a pro-Beijing and pro-business nominating committee.  Instead, we are standing up confidently, holding firm of our desires to the road of true democracy.  Utterly impressed by people’s tenacity, how can I not take part in it and deliver additional supplies to the protesters as my wholehearted support?  Action speaks louder than words.  In the meantime, volunteers continue distributing wet towels and masks lest police utilization of pepper spray and tear gas in a sudden again.  On one hand, neighbours assist in sharing packets of biscuits, bottles of water and even bowls of warm soup around.  On the other, scholars are holding hours of civic lectures in concordance to political and social developments nowadays.  At that instant, vision blurred with overwhelming moved feelings.  A surge of warm currents are flushing through my veins especially when people’s firing enthusiasm and courtesy are vividly manifested.  It just brought a lump to my throat that some enthusiastic volunteers have set great store on the demonstration, even at the expense of their work or studies.  Camps were being set along the streets for rest, as study areas or mini-libraries.  However strenuous this uphill resistant fight is, we know we will never be in complete solitary.  We all love our hometown, and we all care for Hong Kong’s future.  I am so proud to be one of them, to enhance social cohesion and voice our opinions out in such a peaceful manner.  After all, only by civil disobedience at present can we air our grievance, vent our discontent and put pressure to the government.

This “Umbrella Movement” (also named as “Occupy Central”) apparently unveil our united power of togetherness, consolidation and solidarity.  It has already won most youngsters’ heart and captured people’s heed towards socio-political developments nowadays.  But rather than just smile away, when will the senior officials turn their ears to us and listen to our angry songs?  When will the doors of dialogue open?  Hong Kong is one of few places in China where freedom of speech and assembly are still endowed.  We are fortunate, to be here, to treasure the blessed freedom like shiny jewels, come rain or shine.  Let’s make the most of these cutting edges, let the sea of blacks and the yellow ribbons bloom and blossom. ♦

Hong Kong is our home, we love Hong Kong
Bus as the icon of democratic wall
Occupy Hong Kong with love and peace, let’s make the goal of universal suffrage come true
Voices of Hong Kongers
Peaceful Assembly



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