Music: Chopin’s “Polonaise in A flat Major, Op. 53” by Vladimir Horowitz

Composed in 1842 by Frederic Chopin, Polonaise in A flat major Op. 53 known as “Heroic Polonaise”, has long been my favourite classic.  From colourful dynamics of piano to forte, with the emphasis of broken chords, grace notes and rapid arpeggios in an octave, this piece of aesthetic music is pondering and glistening in all its transcending beauty.

Acclaimed as the virtuoso “piano poet” with eternal influence, not only did Chopin compose Polonaises, but also Mazurkas, Nocturnes, Waltzes and many others.  His music is especially featured with elegant accumulation of expressive “cantabile” playing style and extensive chromatic scales, thereby making him to become one of the greatest composers during the Romantic Era.  It is conceivable that myriads of his admirers, myself included, have utterly been mesmerized by his high calibre and undoubtedly ranked him at the top of the composer’s list.   His endowed brilliance is definitely beyond words to describe.

Even nowadays Chopin’s eternal influence and spirits are still stamped on our hearts after centuries.  His timeless masterpieces have been hit million times in Youtube; all advanced piano learners are required to study some of them and each of his music are marvellous relishes in the concert hall.  Nevertheless, the most impressive one that tugs my heartstrings is the live performance by a 84 year-old legendary pianist Vladimir Horowitz during year 1987.  Irrespective of the requiring strenuous proficiency and his old age, it is worth-applauding that Horowitz was still processing his unremitting enthusiasm to perform this grand lyrical piece, along with his fingers dancing in unlimited dexterity on the keyboard. ♦


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