Magazine Review: “Leap of Faith” by TIME

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As Scotland referendum moves nearer and nearer in each passing day, the ambiance there is also getting patently more and more jittery.  The “Yes” campaign has been singing a loud chorus of Scotland’s independence, and assuring greater autonomy for Scottish citizens.  Whereas, the opposite one is busy in raising their banners, pledging the Scots to stay with Britain and become stronger together.   However clamorous debates currently are, this issue has been sending shiver down to the British government’s spine lately.  As the supporters of “Yes” campaigns are close to the “No” ones, the demand of Scottish independence, once being castles in the air, might ironically turn into reality at last.

For the Scottish nationalists, they are hopefully aspiring the political power to be grasped into their own hands in both local matters and foreign policy.  Once independence, they are convicted that myriads of new opportunities would be knocking at their door in a forward-looking economy.  Thanks to the abundant North Sea lucrative oil supplies, the Scots could be self-supporting for at least the next 50 years, thus rendering pockets of fortunes and wealth.  Despite the run out of endowed oil one day, it is hoped to be transited steadily to renewable energy in search of Norway’s shadow.  With such a high-spending social welfare encompassing free higher education and nursing care subsided, some optimists have also been painting the vision of Scotland upholding social democracy and a rosy future.

Yet, a broad spectrum of unknown questions are explicitly cropping up.  Britain would be in a likelihood to face great decentralization of power once the UK no longer remained united.  The issues of European Union’s membership and the British pounds adoption are arousing grave concern, too.   Scottish EU application might be rejected by some members (for instance, Spain) lest it emboldened Catalonian independence.  What’s more, if the pounds are not allowed to utilize in Scotland, it would be potentially obscure to come up with an influential currency.  Without sufficient revenues to support its own lavish domestic spending in the long term, not to mention Scotland is able to cope in an inexorably fast-changing global environment.

Nevertheless, the final say would be left to the ultimate decision of millions of Scots or the British who are residing in Scotland.  Whether their home region would break the lingering historical bond after three centuries or continue bounding to Great Britain is still unpredictable.  With the world shifting the limelight to their living area two days later, this poll is expected to be a neck and neck battle between the two sides until the last minute.  So let’s wait and see what is going to happen in a not-too-distant future.

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