Book Review: “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank

“I hope I will be able to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support.” – Anne Frank, on 12th June 1942″

Stepping into thirteen, a diary journal, as Anne Frank’s birthday present, appeared in front of her eyes.  From that day on, it had became a basic routine for her into writing.  Perhaps at that time she might have never imagined this present, along with her unfading pen ink would become a worldwide classic and an essential historical primary source.  Under the strict rule of Nazi towards the Jews, gone were the cheerful days when she was able to attain regular lessons in school and walk outside freely.  After Holland was being fatally raided during the Second World War, the Franks were coerced to hide in Otto’s (Anne’s father) office building along with another family named the Van Daans and some Otto’s employees for escaping German persecution.  During that period of time until the families were discovered in 1944, Anne was in all her exertion to mark her detailed personal life, for example her normal living in a crowded secret annex, her close friendship and crush to Peter van Daan, and the way food and supplies delivered to their hands.

Feeling secured in recording intimate thoughts and opinions without restrictions, she had been describing the looming fear of being discovered and eventually death, the policies of anti-Semitism adopted by the Nazis and the restriction of freedom.  Night after night, it was heart-wrenching to watch the Nazi soldiers knocking at each Jew’s door, watching their families being teared apart and taken away to the concentration camps.  However regardless of those awkward plights, with the procession of an inarticulate resolve, she still conceded in having a normal life and never did she bow her head to brutal totalitarian rule.  When facing sceptical corners and tides of dreadful misfortunes, her inner strength was still glimmering with faith and fortitude, always convicting the bright light would glitter in the opposite side of the dark tunnel.  Though she didn’t survive at the end, indeed, her tough mental spirit reflected in her extraordinary writings has impressed people from different walks of life. ♦

“Where there is hope, there is life.  It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.  We’ll need to be brave to endure the many fears and hardships and the suffering yet to come.” – Anne Frank, on 6th June 1944


One thought on “Book Review: “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank”

  1. Nowadays I think this book is slightly overrated (am I horrible person to say this). This is because there are so many memoirs and diaries that have been published and are being published and somehow one of Anne Frank’s steals all the attention…

    However, I think this is still a powerful and a must-read book. And I would definitely recommend everyone to read it.


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