Music: Beyond’s “Boundless Oceans Vast Skies”(海闊天空)

Speaking of Hong Kong most flourishing band, without any doubt, it is certainly our illustrious “Beyond” band.  Speaking of their band, their most tremendous thriving song, needless to say, is definitely “Boundless Oceans Vast Skies”.  This representative song is being repeated again and again, no matter in karaoke rooms or in Youtube, by hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers.  Performed in multitudes of massive philanthropy events, it is one of the mainstream Cantonese pop songs that has taken the lead to ingrain into our daily lives.  In spite of the celebration of their 10-year founding anniversary in 1993, the band members were facing a spate of barriers in their musical development in Japan.  The strong-beat of rock and roll rhythm, the determined Chinese lyrics and the lead singer Ka Kui’s vigorous loud voice entirely reflected their perplexities, as well as their vicarious will to be internationally famed one day.

Undeniably, nobody is always in the dazzling spotlights of perfect moments, and we don’t always flow along the current of own desires.  Over the years everyone of you may have been taking great pains to chase  boundless dream over the years, but sometimes it is inevitable for us to slip by sharp fences of sour adversities or being thrown cold water by the others.  We then fear to fall and get hurt, feel lamented of the cold shoulders from the others.  However, every time when I listen to this widely-hit song with pure reassure, those influential words remind me to let bygones be bygones, and to convert those bulky pressure into energetic motion.  Let our strong tide of hope and goals wash over away our hesitations, and fuel us up with tenacious strength.  In the face of a brand new challenge soon, here I am, still holding my head up, and decisively walking along my own path.  Thank you Beyond for creating such an encouraging song against any odd! ♦

“I have faced the chilliness of rebuffs and sneers at many times, but never have I given up the hopes and ideals in my heart.”

“I am still independently free.  I will be always proudly singing my song and travelling thousands of miles.” – Beyond

Original Chinese lyrics:

今天我 寒夜裡看雪飄過

多少次 迎著冷眼與嘲笑

背棄了理想 誰人都可以


背棄了理想 誰人都可以

背棄了理想 誰人都可以

背棄了理想 誰人都可以

Translated English lyrics:

The night is bitter cold, the snow is flurrying
My heart is freezing, my mind is wandering
Rushing through the storm, uncertainty surrounded by mists
Between the sky and ocean, will we change in this boundlessness
— No one can escape the changes

How many times have I faced ignorance and humiliation
Never have I given up my dreams and determination
In a moment of distraction, a feeling of abstraction
The love in my heart has faded without realization
— Can anyone understand?

Forgive my passion for freedom, and the untamed heart
Even someday I am also frightened, I could fall hard
Everyone has a choice to betray their believes
Even someday I have nothing but you, I wouldn’t be scared

I will always be the free spirit and proud,

I will forever sing my songs out loud,

I will nonstop walk across thousands of miles


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