Blog Review: “Individuals in an epidemic” in Doctors without Boarders

Individuals in an epidemic in Doctors without Boarders:

From Dr. Black’s blog


“This disease kills those you love the most, the people closest to you and those that you are most likely to care for.”

Ebola epidemic is looming in an astonishing speed in Africa and has reached worldwide grave concern.  In spite of this lethal scourge, nothing can prevent emergency response teams including a British gynecologist Benjamin Black heading deep to the isolation ward and standing in their firm foothold to rise to this Ebola battle.  Regardless of knowing their probability of being infected and no curing medical treatments for this catastrophic disease so far, here they are, still utilizing their profession and striving their best to rescue patients from the grabbing hands of death.

It is incredibly heart-breaking to witness those scraggy patients being physically feeble, being afflicted by the horrible virus, fighting against the watery diarrhoea and malnutrition and enmeshing in melancholy and hopelessness.  Moved with greatest sympathy, my heartstrings are being tugged while Dr. Black vividly described the surrounding environment of the isolated tent, figuring out his patients’ tearing stories behind while all their closest ones have already been passed away.  Feeling emotionally bounded to his patients, he eventually reaches out and gets hold of their hands, thereby giving them spiritual support and standing by their side in this horrified predicament, reminding them they are not entirely in solitary and complete darkness.  Every little can help.  Granted, no career can be nobler than sacrificing their promising lives in home country, but spending long hours a day to search ways to heal the pains and touch apathetic patients’ heart in unremitting endeavour.  I hereby salute to Dr. Black and his colleagues, please take good care and keep it up with these meaningful work!  May immense grace, courage and force always be with them!


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