The allure of writing own Diaries

In spite of the powerful spreading tide of Internet and social networking sites all around the globe, on no account is writing diary an outdated, old-fashioned pastime.  Imagine having precious, unique “self-biographies” in your cozy study room for personal satisfaction that everyone is dreaming of, that’s the alluring magnet of diaries!

Regarding diaries as my dearest intimate since twelve years old, I feel very at ease to open my heart to write about my delight and distress, it is as if having an in-depth sharing of my daily life.  Just flip over the smooth pages every time, content smile immediately creeps across my face while realizing how much I have grown up and how I set goals for my future study path step-by-step.  No matter how time flashes, people came and left quickly, external environment changed in an instant and diary papers faded into dusty yellow, I can still vividly remember the sights and sounds of my entire adolescence.  What a bliss when I can still be surrounded by all those unforgettable memories, think of amicable someone to warm my heart and discover deeper feeling of true self according to my innermost mind freely!

(If you would also like to have a try of writing a diary, below are some of my suggestions.  I hope you will find them useful and helpful:
  1. First, buy a bigger size of a diary book. (It would be better if security locks are provided)  Write your name, briefly introduce yourself and mention the starting date and year in the first page
  2. Find a quiet, tranquil place or room.  Highly recommend to write at the end of the day for overall daily reflections
  3. If you really cannot think of anything, then think of three grateful things to write.  It doesn’t matter whether describing balmy sunshine after days of raining or thanking someone who lend a hand to you
  4. If you don’t have enough time by the end of the day, try to write a few sentences, highlight the most important point or moment  
  5.  Lastly, Never give up in writing your own diary easily!  Believe me, you will feel rewarded when finishing a book or tracing back what you did in the past.  At the same time, this hobby also helps you to master your writing skills.  Have fun in it! )

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