Book Review: “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

Hunger Games, a deadly fight in Capitol recorded by live TV once a year, could be synonymous to fame and fortune for only one winner, but bloody death for losers by fierce killings among the contestants.  Barbarous though the game seemed, one boy and one girl ranging from 12 to 18 years old in each of the twelve district were required to participate in it annually.  Stepping forward to replace younger sister Primrose’s seat, Katniss voluntarily joined the Hunger Games on behalf of District 12, along with a selected male representative named Peeta whom she owned a favour to.

With the hope of being the ultimate winner in the Game, Katniss had to be in a sustained endeavour to rise to all starvation and dehydration plight in the huge forest; and worse still, she need to kill other contestants despite her unwillingness to perform such a dehumanized action.  Being saved by Peeta, forming an alliance with Rue from District 11, being let go by Thresh did add much colour to this dramatic plot.  Alongside urging for survival, after Peeta’s confession of his long-time crush towards her, on one hand, she had been frustrating whether his love was a reality or just a mere means to raise audience’s interest and capture more sponsors.  On the other hand, she was on the horns of a dilemma about whom her heart turned – Peeta or her best friend Gale.

Being the breadwinner of her family and maintaining her “star-crossed lover” facade with Peeta, Katniss was a strong, daring character who was against all odds to solve her own difficulties, took charge of her lives independently, and never let any tears flow in the face of unknown challenges.  At the same time, her genuine care and kindness in place of brutal killings impressed me much such as by decorating Rue’s body with flowers gently and healing Peeta’s infected wounds with medication.  This complete mixture of nerve-racking race, enthralling plot, thrilling actions, in-depth feeling and engaging affection does spark off an irresistible page-turning effect in this fiction.  I simply couldn’t put down it and wish to immediately flip over Book Two “Catching Fire” to figure out what happened between Katniss and Peeta.  No wonder this incredibly compelling fiction has already become in vogue nowadays and even being put into the big silver screen! ♦


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